Blame it on the Bucky

The Gaiety Theatre
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12 Sep
Price£15 to £21
Length 120 minutes

TICKETS: Premium: £21 | Standard: £18 | Economy: £15

From the production company that brought you, ‘Singin I’m no a Billy She’s a Tim!’, Working Class productions are back with a brand new, hilarious play, ‘Blame it on the Bucky’, written by Jerry Taylor.
Get ready for a hilarious night of comedy, as the McCluckie family frantically search for their granny’s missing corpse on the morning of the funeral. With the men too hungover to remember and a very angry daughter in labour, absolute chaos ensues. Can they find granny before the baby is born, and as always, will the men just Blame this one on the Bucky?
This uproarious comedy will have you laughing until your waters break and crying like a newborn baby.

16+ : Please note the performance contains strong language and adult themes

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