Gaiety Theatre Aspire

After the success of our work with Enable and the development of the HappyShock Theatre Company, we are excited to announce the launch of our new classes specifically designed for children, young people, and adults with learning disabilities. Our goal is to build on the achievements of our previous projects and offer unique opportunities that aren’t available elsewhere in the area.

We are introducing four new classes under the Gaiety Theatre Aspire program, catering to different age groups to ensure tailored, age-appropriate experiences:

Ages 3-7 – Aspire 1

Engage in a mixture of creative play and sensory workshops that combine dance and song. These sessions are designed for children and their carers or school groups, offering an engaging and supportive environment where young children can explore their creativity and sensory skills.

Ages 8-12 – Aspire 2

Join in dress-up, character-building activities, confidence-boosting exercises, and drama skills workshops. This class provides a fun and interactive way for young people and their carers or school groups to develop their imagination and self-assurance through theatre.

Ages 13-16 – Aspire 3

Develop your drama skills, stage techniques, and participate in performances. Aimed at training young actors, this group offers a blend of fun, confidence-building games, and serious acting practice. It’s an excellent opportunity for teenagers to deepen their passion for theatre in a supportive and dynamic setting.

Ages 16+ – Aspire 4

Experience a fun and exciting adult class where participants will learn theatre, dance, and singing skills. This group will work towards a year-end performance and aim to put on their own summer show at The Gaiety Main House. It’s a perfect opportunity for adults to engage in creative expression, improve their performing arts skills, and build lasting friendships.

Stay tuned for more details here and social media channels. We invite everyone with a learning disability to join us, discover their talents, and enjoy the vibrant community of Gaiety Theatre Aspire. Let’s create, perform, and have fun together!

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