Gaiety Minis

Gaiety Theatre Minis is a new creative play class designed especially for our junior actors. Each week, we dive into a new theme with exciting stories that ignite the imagination. With puppets, dress-up, and a variety of props, these fun, interactive classes are crafted to engage young minds and foster a love for theatre and storytelling.

Picture your child stepping into a magical forest one week, where they can become woodland creatures with the help of costumes and puppets, and the next week embarking on a swashbuckling pirate adventure, complete with treasure maps and eye patches. These sessions are more than just play; they are an opportunity for children to express themselves creatively, develop their storytelling abilities, and build confidence.

For children, Gaiety Theatre Minis provides a rich environment where they can explore different characters, scenarios, and emotions in a supportive setting. The hands-on activities encourage teamwork, enhance communication skills, and promote cognitive development. Each class is designed to be interactive, ensuring that every child is an active participant in the adventure.

For parents and carers, these classes offer a chance to see your child flourish in a new and exciting way. You’ll witness their creativity and confidence grow as they engage with their peers in imaginative play. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with other families, share in the joy of your children’s achievements, and become part of the vibrant Gaiety Theatre community. Join us for a journey of creativity and fun, where every week is a new adventure!

Saturdays at Gaiety2

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