Green Springboard – the arts and the environment

The Ayrshire Green Springboard initiative is a groundbreaking project aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and creative innovation across Ayrshire. This initiative is a collaborative effort led by Creative Carbon Scotland in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland and local councils throughout Ayrshire.  The Gaiety catalyzed the initial events, bringing together key local partners and linking them with Creative Carbon Scotland to plan a way forward

Our Role at The Gaiety Theatre

As a cultural cornerstone in Ayrshire, The Gaiety Theatre works to integrate sustainability into the arts and champion eco-friendly practices within our community. For our own operations we are committed to following guidance in the “Theatre Green Book” This underpins our efforts to reduce our own carbon footprint across all aspects of our operation. Additionally, by hosting events, workshops, and performances that highlight environmental themes, we aim to inspire positive change and raise awareness about sustainability.

Creative Carbon Scotland

Creative Carbon Scotland plays a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability within Scotland’s arts, screen, cultural, and creative industries. Believing in the essential role of culture in driving transformational change, the organization collaborates with individuals, organizations, and strategic bodies across both cultural and sustainability sectors. Their work includes offering strategic expertise and consultancy, providing bespoke carbon management training, and supporting artistic practices that address climate change.

Since its inception in 2011, Creative Carbon Scotland has significantly evolved. Initially focused on helping arts organizations report their carbon emissions, it now also explores the cultural sector’s broader role in societal transformation to address climate challenges. This shift underscores their commitment to a more sustainable future for both the cultural sector and society.

Creative Carbon Scotland emphasizes equality and diversity in all its endeavors, recognizing that an inclusive approach is critical to addressing climate change effectively. By engaging those who have been historically excluded, they ensure that diverse perspectives shape the movement for change.

Their ultimate outcomes include integrating ambitious climate action plans within Scotland’s cultural sector, recognising the sector as pivotal in achieving zero-carbon goals, and encouraging cross-sector collaboration to meet climate objectives. Creative Carbon Scotland envisions a future where culture not only reflects but actively shapes sustainable living practices.

Springboard event

The inaugural event of the Ayrshire Green Springboard took place on November 29, 2023, at the Ayr Campus of the University of the West of Scotland. This local assembly for creative climate action brought together cultural and climate sector professionals to share knowledge, collaborate, and brainstorm innovative solutions for sustainable practices in Ayrshire.  Next steps are now in development.