Our People

The Gaiety Theatre is a registered Scottish chairty and social enterprise run entirely for the benefit of our local community, with an overall vision to grow the performing arts and culture in Ayr and South Ayrshire to benefit everyone. We’re unlike most theatres in the UK as we’re largely run through voluntary effort supported by a small core staff team.

Box Office and Enquiries – T: 01292 288235

Technical Department – T: 01292 288235 (ext. 5)

Programming Department – T: 01292 270927

To phone a member of staff directly, dial 01292 288235 (ext. no.) Please note that not all staff have direct lines, please contact via the relevant Heads of Department.

jeremy wyattJeremy Wyatt
Chief Executive

vinceVince Hope
Artistic Director

Sally-RennieSally Rennie
Operations Manager

suzanneSuzanne McLellan
Marketing & Audience Development Manager

fraserFraser Emslie
Deputy Technical Manager

Joshua MacFarlane
Rural Touring Technical Coordinator

Robbie Gordon
Creative Learning Coordinator

kerry-porterKerry Porter
Marketing Assistant

michaelMichael Stewart
Front of House & Access Manager

lauraLaura Scott
Volunteer Coordinator

Adrian Nash
Maintenance & Building Manager

alice-mcfarlaneAlice McFarlane
Heritage Coordinator
(Maternity Cover)

Geraldine Long
Fundraising Coordinator

mirellaMirella Arcidiacono
Heritage Coordinator
(on Maternity Leave)


  • Ian Welsh, OBE Chairperson
  • Dr. Graham Peterkin Company Secretary
  • David Quayle Treasurer
  • Chris Fremantle
  • Professor Gayle McPherson (University of the West of Scotland)
  • Cllr Siobhian Brown (South Ayrshire Council)
  • Cllr. Brian Connolly (South Ayrshire Council)
  • Cathy Costello 


Cathy Adair, Josie Adams, Nancy Agnew, Rhona Allanach, Marjory Andres, Alison Andrew, Sadie Baird, Helen Banning, Margaret Bates, Lorna Bathgate, Malcolm Bee, Janet Bennet, Morando Bertoncini, Giorgio Bindoni, Fiona Black, Nancy Bone, Gary Brennan, Andrew Brodie, Nancy Chambers, Christine Brown, Gordon Brown, Christine Bryan, Sharon Bryce, Ann Burns, Iain Campbell, Garry Carr, Marie Carson, Alexis Charlton, Graham Charlton, Charlotte Connell, Lorraine Connell, Cathy Costello, Vida Cotton, Alesha Coubrough, Anya Crozier, Lynsay Cruickshanks, Annette Cuthbert, Mark Daly, Leanne Davies, Deirdre Davidson, Irene Dillon,  Cameron Dobson, Stephen Dodd, Lynne Donaghue,  Pamela Dowson, Jamie Drummond, Jennifer Dudney, Elaine Duncan, Sheila Dunn, Phyllis Fennah, Margaret Ferguson, Anne Finlayson, Aileen Fitzgerald, Jemima Flynn,  Alison Foster, Rachel Foster, Jake Fremantle, Paul Furey, Frances Fyfe, James Gaffney, Lovina Galloway, Aileen Gemmell,  Margaret Ghosh, Colin Gibson, Kirsty Gibson, Bethany Gilmore, Paul Gilmore, Zoe Goudie, Kay Graeme, Jane Guthrie, Morag Hagan, Sarah Haigh, Helen Halpin, Stephan Hamilton, Ian Harris, Mckayla Harrison, Madison Hope-Tapnell, Debbie Horne, Patricia Hynds, Margaret Hyslop, Andrew Jackson, Christine Jamieson,  Patricia Jamieson, Craig Jardine, Aiden Jennings, Graeme Kay, Richard Keenan, Nicola Kelly, Iain Kennedy, Heather Kyle, Ann Lee, Johnny Lees, Cameron Linden, Morgan Little, Denise Loch, Rebecca Love, Eleanor Ludkin – Finnie, Sylvia MacDonald, Margaret Mackie, Gill MacQuarrie, Sarah-Jane Madden, Maggie Magee, Hugh Mair, Andrew Malone, Tina March,  Kenneth Maxwell, Christine Maxwell, Rosanne McAllister, Fraser McArthur, Jacqueline McArthur, Jennifer McArthur, Mikey McCabe, Christopher McCallion, Nan McCrae, Stuart McCrae, Caroline McDonald,  David McFarlane, Sharon McFarlane, Callum McGowan, Kathryn- Anne McGrady, Claire McGreevy, Chloe McIlwraith, Alan McIntyre, Gillian McKellar, Helen McKenzie, Owen McLarty, Laura McMurdo, Alexander McNeice, Jay McPherson, Laura McPike, Andrew Melville, Graham Miller, Jane Miller, Margaret Miller, Ian Milligan, Wallace Milligan, Charlotte Milne, Jessie Mitchell, Nancy Mitchell, Carol Morrison, Kay Moudden,  Alexandra Moug, Lewis Moynihan, Andrew Moynihan, Cara Moynihan, Tracy Moynihan, Margaret Munoz, Patricia Musgrove, Amanda Nash, Ann Napier, Douglas Nelson, Daniel Ogilvie, Raymond Painter, Lucy Parris, Alexander Patrick, Stuart Peat, Marta Pec, Rikki Prentice, Linda Priestly, Shona Quayle, Sandra Riddicks, Terri Robertson, Jon Rogerson, Matthew Rooney, Ritchie Ross, Helen Ruff, Amelia Russell, Beau Russell, Susanne Russell, Anna Sargenson, Teresa Scott, Amanda Shaw, Fiona Shields, Wilma Smith, Maureen Smyth, Megan Short, Emma Sims, Janet Squire, Elaine Steel, John Steele, Ronnie Steele, Graham Stewart, Karin Stewart, Niamh Stewart, Andrew Tapner, Gaye Taylor, Janette Taylor, Betty Telfer, Lisa Tierney, Aimee Thomas, Anne Thomson, Stuart Thomson, Joanne Torrance, Ella Travers, Lillian Turley, Kyle Vallance, Margaret White, Sam White,  Natalie Whitehouse, Stewart Wood and Billy Young

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