Time’s Plague starring David Hayman

Time’s Plague starring David Hayman
Sat, 3 Sep 2022 at 19:30
120 minutes
£16.00 to £22.00
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Acclaimed actor David Hayman kicks off his Scottish tour at Ayr Gaiety Theatre, returning as everyman Bob Cunningham in the new play written by Chris Dolan and Directed by David Hayman Jr. The culmination of a dramatic trilogy – ‘The Pitiless Storm’ (2014), ‘The Cause of Thunder‘ (2017) and now, the personal ‘Time’s Plague’ – Bob Cunningham’s deepest spiritual journey. Here Bob reflects on his own life, and on the NHS, the politics of the pandemic, the rise of the right, Independence, climate change, the future, the human condition and the coming of the end. Bob is in a hospital bed. A long dark night of the soul, an understaffed ward, a single room. Another stormy night. He’s broken – as is the world around him… And tomorrow morning, it sounds like a painful and risky procedure, but Bob is convinced he won’t survive it. This doesn’t stop him from ranting about injustice and the state of the world… laughing at everything, including himself. No way Bob’s going gently into that good night, he’ll burn and rave at close of day, raging against the dying of the light.

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