Gaiety On Tour: Strictly Come Killing – Sorn Village Hall

Sorn Village Hall
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8 Dec
Price£6 to £9
Length 90 minutes

TICKETS: Standard Unreserved Seating £9/£6

It’s the opening round of this year’s Strict Ballroom Dancing, the annual reality TV extravaganza that sees all manner of people strut their stuff on the dance floor for the approval of four famous judges; a washed up comedian, a retired boxer, a once great dancer who failed due to injury.

There’s a lot of tension between these Z list celebrities, and a great deal of backstabbing going on backstage. But tonight, the only truly famous judge, superstar dancer Patti O’Door, is missing. And if the shifty looks on the other three judges’ faces is anything to go by, she’s not just running late. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of this horrifying murder!

Watch events unfold in a professionally performed play and then flex your detective skills with your chance to interrogate each suspect in turn! Bring a team or come on your own. Fun, funny, mysterious, and a good night for all. You interrogate the suspects. You piece together the clues. You make the accusations. Can YOU catch the killer?

(This mystery doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Strictly Come Dancing)


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