Barefoot In The Park presented by The Compass

The Gaiety Theatre
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7 Mar
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9 Mar
Price£9.5 to £16.5
Length 120 minutes

TICKETS: Premium: £16.50/£15.50 | Standard: £14.50/£13.50 | Economy: £10.50/£9.50

When this iconic comedy was adapted for film starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the 1960s it enjoyed enormous critical acclaim. Compass is delighted to present Neil Simon’s sparkling and witty play for you here at The Gaiety.

Set in 1963, newlyweds Corrie and Paul Bratter are very much in love and moving into their new home: a loft apartment in New York. Corrie’s spontaneous nature and love of life can sometimes clash with lawyer Paul’s more predictable and sensible way of doing things. Why won’t he dance barefoot in the park? 

On to the scene come Corrie’s mother and a bohemian next door neighbour, Victor Velasco, who encourages everyone to lose their inhibitions: to dance, eat and be merry. Corrie embraces the challenge!  But will Corrie’s Mum find her inner wild child? Is Paul really a “stuffed shirt”? Let the fun begin!

Barefoot in the Park is a local amateur production, directed by Christine Stanley.


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